Coimbra´s Museum of Water, PT, 2018

This set of works intends to explore concepts such as drawing – object – installation – artefact – architecture. Projects that are materialized within a notion of water transport structures, where the massive weight of Concrete with its ruggedness convey a “body” to the Light. Light which, in turn, will fill and connect the positive and negative spaces of each form.
Several scales and luminic sides are explored, intertwining sections and spaces “bathed by” Light – some sections in particular, in the shade – thus aspiring to a renovation of the “chiaroscuro” principle as defined for drawing.

The use of industrial supports and structures (ladders and scaffolding, serving as adapted plinths), refers and links to the context and initial use of the museum space itself following - another - study by the author, of the exhibit’s physical platforms/supports used to display the works.