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Living Pictographic Element Viseu,PT, 2018

Hydrofuge Concrete C30/37, Steel A500 NR

465 x 270 x 202 cm



Conceived for the Pavia Riverbank, this Sculpture results of the deconstruction of the idea of landscape, where fragments are dematerialized from the canvas, and materialized into sculptural fragments, that later started to relate to architectural context and that now, in this public space sculpture, the “Painting” becomes a fragment of landscape itself.

The Sculpture is defined with elongated dynamic lines in a single, seamless volume that appears as a fragment or a vestige without time! On this scale, such an “artifact” deals with questions as for identity, relation to heritage, artifacts of our time, future, place, place of the individual, house, home, form, light, and shadow.

Inhabit/Use the fragment/sculpture!